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Grinding discs Iberflex

IBERFLEX grinding discs, offer faster roughing with a boot above average chips with high reliability management gliding comfortably and smooth.

Iberflex features a wide range of grinding discs to operate in steel, stainless steel, cast iron and other metals with different hardnesses discs soft, medium-hard and hard to suit your needs.

  • PLUS: Professional line for all kinds of materials.
  • SUPREM: High quality and high standards.
discos de desbaste iberflex

Grinding discs depressed centre

Grinding discs depressed centre
disco desbaste
mm A 24 M A 24 T A 24 K A 30 K Z 24 T ZA 24 S C 24 R
115 x 7
125 x 7
150 x 7
180 x 7
230 x 7
uses for references
  • A 24 M Metal: Grinding Iron, steel, welding seams.
  • A 24 T Metal: Grinding welding seams, edged.
  • A 24 K Metal: Grinding flat surfaces.
  • A 30 K Inox: Speed and duration, it does not contain iron and sulfur.
  • Z 24 T Zirconio: Grinding forged steels, carbon steels, welding.
  • ZA 24 S Zirconio: Grinding steel, forged steels, carbon steels.
  • A 24 R: Grinding casting and ferrous metals.
Cutting discs and grinding Iberflex comply with the European and global safety standard EN-12413