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Iber Abrasivos S.L.

Manufacturer of abrasive discs

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Manufacturer of abrasive discs

About us

We are a company created in 1998, dedicated to the manufacture of abrasive cutting discs and grinding.

With an consolidated experience and a clear objective, offering a high quality product recognized by both professionals industrial sector (Metal Mechanic.), Construction and Ironmonger for quality, reliability and competitiveness.

In our factory located in the Poligono Industrial Can Clapers Sentmenat (Barcelona), we take care with rigor the manufacturing process, with qualified personnel, the highest machinery and technology, using the best raw materials (grains, resins, meshes, etc.).

Just get your trust by offering quality, security, guarantee, personalized service and speedy delivery. We have our own registered trademark IBERFLEX, well known in Spain and the World.

  • We work to satisfy their specific requirements.
  • Of the highest quality standards.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Efficiency and an optimized service .
All this with a service that you can trust.
Manufacturer of abrasive discs Manufacturer of abrasive discs